Timber Crates

After the initial design consultation, our crates are carefully designed specifically for each customer product. During this stage we can offer anything from the most basic empty crate to and option that may include access ramps for heavy or sensitive equipment that may not have forklift access. Specifically fabricated steel that can assist to secure the item to the inner pallet or crate base. We can even offer internal suspension that can accommodate everything from the most shock and vibration sensitive equipment to an item that has a critical surface finish that needs to be protected.

Other things that we include in our crates:

  • A design that can be easily flat packed and re- used.
  • All pine is dressed structural grade MGP10.
  • High precision CNC cutting when extremely tight tolerances are a must.
  • IPSM 15 certified.
  • Muti-colour digital printing of logos on crate panels.


Pallet requirements can be made to suit almost and size. Varying from standard style pine pallets to CNC routered plwood top sheet.

  • All pallets will be ISPM 15 compliant.
  • Pine will be dressed structural MGP10.


Combination pallets are most commonly used as a cost effective and light weight alternative to a timber crate. We can offer the same suspension systems to those in a standard crate however the outer walls are replaced with a heavy duty cardboard outer carton.

  • All base pallets will be ISPM compliant.
  • Pine will be dressed structural MGP10.
  • Multi-colour, digital printing of logos on cardboard outer.
  • May be stored with bases separate to the flat packed cardboard outer to minimise warehouse footprint.